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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Family X'mas Party

We had a family Christmas Party on 25 Dec 2012 (Tuesday) at my third aunt's place.  This year, we decided to bring back gift exchange again to add more excitement to the party.  As I just came back from an  overseas trip, I decided to order Sakae X'mas Sushi Tray to bring to the potluck party for convenient sake as I didn't really have the time and skill to cook nice food.  

This year, Sakae Sushi came up with 2 types of Christmas Party Tray - Happy or Starry Sushi Tray.  I ordered the Happy X'mas Tray at $69.90.
 Happy X'mas Party Tray from Sakae Sushi
Very tasty starters - Cheese Sticks and Fried Corn Fritters.
 My cousin Krystal who enjoyed the cheese sticks very much.  This chatty girl can talk non-stop for hours without feeling thirsty.
She could interrogate my brother, who is normally very quiet and "forced" him to talk.

 Except for the sushi, all the rest of the food were prepared by my aunties and granny.
 Some Pork Knuckles...

 Even the Oreo Ice-Cream was made by my third auntie.  

 My aunt's neighbour who would always bring his 2 prestigious cats for us to see everytime we are here.  He is very nice to allow us to touch the fur of the cats and take photos too. 
Look at the eyes!!  

Finally, time for the gift exchange session that most of the kids (and big kids) were waiting for.

My big pressie...

2nd Aunt got my gift from Candylicious.

It was fun celebrating Christmas Day with the family.  Hope you had enjoyed your Christmas too!


Jose Toscano said...

I love the food pics! Especially the braised intestines! I dont care if it increases my chances to get mad cow disease. Im mexican and its part of my culture to eat awesome intestines!! Hahaha

Jose Toscano said...

So in love with your food pics!!! I especially liked the pics of braised intestines and wishing I had some. I dont care if they xo increase my chances to get mad cow disease either hahaha.