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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Yoga by the Sea 2012

I registered for "Yoga by the Sea" this year with my good friend A.  However, the very morning of the event, A called and told me that she was down with a flu infection.  As such, I attended the event on my own.  :(
 At around 4.30pm, there was already a huge crowd and I found myself a space somewhere right at the back.

 All the yoga masters from the various yoga centres.
 Guest appearance of one of my favourite MediaCorp artistes - Belinda Lee.  Do catch her on Channel U's "Find me a Singaporean 3" at 9pm every Sunday. 
 I only stayed for the 1st session of the mass yoga workout.  It was pretty late, near 7pm after the 1st session and my poor hubby was waiting for me.

Inside the goodie bag (The pink water bottle not included)


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