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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Jones the Grocer @ Mandarin Gallery

**  All photos here were taken with my new iPhone 5 :)

I had been to Mandarin Gallery twice for Art Jamming at Artestiq but this was the first time that I came here for food.  The occasion this time was to celebrate one of our buddies' belated birthday at Jones the Grocer, which is located at a quiet cosy corner on the 4th level of Mandarin Gallery.

The colour theme for the restaurant was "Blue and White".
I ordered a pot of forest-berries tea.  Most of their white cups were quite badly stained.
A good location for a laid-back afternoon.  I like the fact that the whole place is rather spacious and the tables are not too close to one another.  This gives us more freedom to engage in our conversation without worrying that the people seated adjacent to our tables can hear our small talks.

At 3pm on a weekend, the choice of food was rather limited.  The breakfast, lunch and ala-carte menu was not available at this timing and we could only choose from the brunch menu and bakeries.  The birthday mummy and I both ordered the Jones' Club sandwiches and we were quite happy with the food.  The only disappointment was that they ran out of avocado and replaced it with tomato.

Time flies.... the next time when we meet will be to celebrate my birthday!!  Looking forward to our next gathering!!  :) :)

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FoodieFC said...

no need to carry a bulky camera around liao! Iphone 5 can leh. so handy!