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Sunday, March 4, 2012

(Zheng) Swee Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice @ Seah Street

Another weekend date with hubby.  I had purchased a pair of MINT tickets from Groupon at a price of one ie $15.  The deal voucher also includes 20% off Mr Punch's restaurant's Ala Carte menu.  However, the restaurant seemed quite empty when we reached there slightly before noon whereas the chicken rice stall in the coffeeshop next door looked pretty good judging from the crowd.  Thus, we decided to have chicken rice for lunch instead of western fare at Mr Punch.

Can you spot the cute Betty Boop's vertical banner?  That is where MINT is located.

 Setting inside the coffeeshop
 Cute rooster saucer
 We ordered the chicken set for 2, around $13.50 which come with a plate of veggie and also Tofu in Thai sauce.  The food was served to us almost immediately after we placed our order.  Get your cash ready as they will expect you to pay first once the food is being served to you.

 We ordered a plate of innards ($2).  However, I only like eat the liver and not the other parts.


FoodieFC said...

coincidentally, I was also at the Mint Museum last week!

Miso said...

What a coincidence! :)