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Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Kyushu Fair @ Tampines Mall (30 Mar - 8 Apr 2012)

When I received them mailer on Kyushu Fair, I got pretty excited seeing all those yummilicious photos.  I also informed my Multiply friends about this food fair and I met two of them at the fair.  Haha...
 We reached Tampines Mall at around 5.30pm and the whole place was already very crowded.  We decided to fill up our stomach with proper meal first so hubby went to queue for ramen.  The queue was not very long but got to wait quite a while.  I "chopped" a standing place with a small hgh table as all the seats were occupied.  Hiaz.. paid $30 for 2 bowls of ramen and got to eat in such an unconducive place.  Luckily,we met a nice lady who was about to finish her food and she waved to us to tell us to go over to have her seat.  :)  :)

 Before attacking the ramen, I saw that there was no queue at the croquette stall so I bought 2 croquettes back for supper.  They have quite a variety like butter, onion, curry and corn croquettes.
 Hubby's Special Red Ramen which was spicy and he finished up everything in the bowl including the soup. ($15)
 Some minced meat and also bean sprouts in the bowl of ramen.
He ordered the Special Black Ramen for me.  ($15)
I still prefer the ramen from Ramen Champion at T3, especially from Ikkousha.  I didn't finish up the soup for my black ramen as towards the end, it was already cold and oily.  (I am a slow eater... Heehee...).  The eggs were also not done properly.

Ramen menu

I will still come back to the fair tomorrow for the cakes.

Supper tonight:
Heating up the 2 croquettes that I bought at the fair in our new oven.
 Potato Croquette ($2.50) and Corn Croquette ($3.50).  I like the corn one as inside had a creamy texture. 


FoodieFC said...

From the appearance of the tamago, it has been soaked in the soy sauce for too long.

Eileen. 静 said...

I went too ;) but didnt eat the the corn croquette too! so creamy and nice :)

Miso said...

Today is the last day. Their ramen wasn't good so you didn't miss out much! :D Do you stay in the East side? Can give Ikkousha at Airport T3a try if you haven't.

Midas Sam said...

this year u no write blog about this fair?

Miso said...

Only went during the first day and it was so crowded. Bought only the fruit jelly to my friend's place. Wanted to go again on the last day but too caught up with work. :(