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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

1st Day around Mongkok Area

Fei Jie Street Snack
This stall had a very long queue and they are famous for their chilled skewered octopus and intestines.  The octopus were out of stock and we bought 1 skewer of small intestine and another skewer of big intestine to try.  10HKD for a skewer of big intestines.  How did they taste?  Cold and crunchy!  Think that is an aquired taste again.  We put some mustard/ wasabi to the intestines.  I prefer those braised intestines, soft and to be eaten hot. 

Saw a whole lot of cockles from another stall.  However, we didn't try this and I got scolding from the stall owner for taking photographs at their stall :(
On the first night, as we were still shopping around Mongkok, suddenly it started pouring.  Thus, without much choice, we went to the nearest sheltered place for dinner.  As most of you will know already, this "Cafe de Coral" is a fast food chain and can be found in many parts of Hong Kong.
Dinner at Cafe de Coral
Hubby ordered Char Siew and Chicken Rice
I ordered chicken cutlet with egg rice.
After dinner, the rain finally stopped and we strolled along Ladies Street.
Angry birds plush are the "In" thing now.
Saw many fake longchamp bags.
 Drinks from along Dundas Steet
I love this street, many food stalls that you can try out :)
Hubby loved their honey green tea and he bought 2 cups in one day!

(Blanced Octopus, Blanched Big and Small Intestines on Skewers)
Shop 4A, 55, Dundas Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

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