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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hanabi @ Katong Mall

Today is National Day! Happy 44th Birthday to Singapore!!! We have a reason to give ourselves a good treat too :P We had a-la carte buffet at Hanabi at Katong Mall today.

We reached the place around noon and the place is not very crowded yet.

Chawanmushi is one of their chef's recommendation. Ok.. it was smooth but not much ingredient inside.

Sashimi platter - Not bad. Quite generous. Hubby ordered another 2 portions of salmon sashimi after that.

For a start, we took a bowl of salmon miso soup to warm up our empty stomach first. Subsequently, hubby ordered another 2 bowls of salmon miso soup.

I didn't enjoy the handroll. The seaweed was hard to bite off, not very nice.

The beef was quite tasty.

The buffet cost us $33 per person. Hubby and I are not really big eater. After the buffet, we were really very full and we even skipped dinner. I find that although Hanabi have over 100 dishes to choose from, there is hardly any dish that is really outstanding and make me want to go back again. They don't have desserts for their buffet too. Although they have quite a number of dishes on ramen and don, who would want to order these for buffet? Also, many of their stuff come with rice. For example, we cannot just order soft shell crab or unagi. They come in the form of sushi or handroll. Few months back, I went to Nihon Musa at Pasir Ris E-hub, they have scallops, a variety of desserts served at a lower cost. I prefer that to Hanabi.

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TJ said...

I love sushi and these pics look delicious! great blog~