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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Empire State @ Illuma (Bugis)

This was our first trip to Illuma although it had been opened for a few months already. Most of the restaurants are found on the 4th level. From the 1st level, you can find an escalator that bring you straight to the 4th level. After walking one round, we decided to settle at Empire State restaurant.

They have a Super-Sized burger and the actual size of the burger (in picture form) is shown in the menu. It cost $29.90. We didn't order this of course... It is really big. Instead, hubby ordered the house burger. After finishing the burger, he was full and I "helped" him to finish the fries :P

House Burger ($12.90)

Squid Ink Pasta ($14.90)
Today, I decided to be a bit more adventurous and try out the squid ink pasta. I wanted to try this during the previous dinner with my friends at Ma Maison but when they warned me that the ink would stained my teeth, I had second thoughts :P True enough, I will not advise you to order this dish if you are going on a date. I got to wipe my lips a number of times to get rid of the ink so those people sitting near me will not laugh at me. Heehee...

It tasted like the normal dry version of the minced meat noodle that I often have but a bit more salty. Anyway, I ordered this dish for the experience only so I wasn't really expecting much.

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