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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sushi Tei @ Tampines 1

Haha... Today went to Tampines 1 again with SF and AC because it is the most convenient place for us. At first, SF suggested going to the airport for dinner but due to swine flu, we had second thought. =P
Last night, after dinner we didn't manage to do any shopping. Today, we had our dinner earlier so we got time to go shopping after that.
We settled at Sushi Tei for dinner tonight instead of Manpuku again. Some of the food that we ordered:
Golden Roll - Combination of mango, king prawn in a sushi roll.
The prawn head was deep fried to crisp so it can be eaten.

A bit of cooking on our own.

This was quite a satisfying dinner. Wanted to hop to some dessert place after that and continued our chit-chatting and gossipping but ended up shopping.

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