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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Jing Long Seafood Restaurant @ Bedok North

Uncle came back from Australia and we had a family dinner with him tonight. We went to a Zi Char place in Bedok near my Grandpa's place. This place is always very crowded and on special occassions like Mothers' Day, you will need to make reservation in advance.

Crispy Tofu with fruits/ pork floss & Roast Duck Rolls

Sweet and Sour Fish Slice

Wasabi Prawns

Not too sure whether it is due to my flu, I couldn't really taste the Wasabi. It tasted more like just normal Mayonaise prawns.

We also ordered other dishes like baked sweet and sour pork ribs, hotplate tofu, roasted chicken, mixed vegetables. Overall, the food here was good and value for money. If you don't mind the crowd and noise level, you can give this zi char place a try :)

They are also featured in

Jin Long Seafood Restaurant
Blk 416, Bedok North Ave 2,
Tel: 64429398

Update:  Check out this link for the new address:

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