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Saturday, December 17, 2016

O Christmas Tree!

It is just around 1 week to Christmas and I am thankful to the nice folks from for delivering a Christmas tree to my doorstep!  I finally own my first Christmas tree after 30+ years!  Floral Valley is an online florist and gift shop that aims to provide customers with all-in-one florist services.  You can find beautiful bouquets, festive hampers and gift boxes in their online store.  Do check them out.  :)

I got the 1.5m Christmas tree and I was surprised that the tree could actually be packed in the box seen below.  It was very portable.  After Christmas, I could pack the tree back to the box and keep it.  Floral Valley is collaborating with Christmas Trees Singapore. They have a great array of Christmas trees!

 The Christmas tree came in 2 parts with a tree stand.

 The top part of the tree.

After putting the parts together, it was time to spread out the branches so that it would look more dense and complete.

After that, complete the Christmas tree with a tree topper, decorations and lightings!  It is that easy, isn't it?


Floral Valley
WhatsApp number: 92328078/93874394

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