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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Buta God, Ramen Champion @ Changi Airport Terminal 3

I am rather lucky with instagram contest recently.  Just before the Chinese New Year, hubby and I went to our favourite nearest ramen joint - Ramen Champion at Changi Airport Terminal 3.  As usual, we would take a photo of our delicious-looking bowl of ramen and post it on instagram.  I hashtag my photo of the ramen I ordered from Tonkatsu Ikkyu with #ramenchampioncny as there is a contest from Ramen Champion.  Winners of the contest would receive CNY ang pows!  I was happy to be one of the three winners for this contest!  The ang pows were mailed to me and the amount of the vouchers also came as a surprise for me (4 x $20 Ramen Champion vouchers).     
 Both of us ordered the God Ramen from Buta God!  To maximize the 2 x $20 vouchers, we ordered another side dish.
 More and more restaurants using this technology and I can even find this in my neighbourhood foodcourt in one of the western food stalls.
 Our orders...
 The side dish was very disappointing.  The dish looked completely different from the display photo.  The tamago was so thinly sliced and this cost $6.80.  Super not worth the money in my opinion.
 Our God Ramen!  Haha... It was a rather generous bowl of ramen with pork belly slices and a poached egg.  Broth was thick and rich.  This ramen didn't disappoint.
For this meal, we used 2 vouchers and topped up only $1.50.  We still have 2 more vouchers and we will visit Ramen Champion again next month!  

Thank you @ramenchampion_sg for the CNY ang pows!  See you soon! :):):)

Ramen Champion @ Changi Airport T3
Basement 2 
Opening Hours : 10.30am - 11.00pm
Tel : (65) 6214 2958

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