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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Strawberry Jelly Cheesecake (No bake) for your Loved ones

Last Friday, how did you spend your Valentine's Day?  
For me, I went to Downtown East (Pasir Ris) after work, hoping to buy 2 small pieces of heart-shaped cheesecakes for hubby from "The Jelly Hearts", located on the 2nd level of E!Hub.  However, as expected actually, the cakes were all sold out and they were preparing to deliver all those pre-orders.  Thus, I made an impromptu decision to go NTUC to get all the ingredients to make the Strawberry Jelly Cheesecake instead.  

I followed the exact recipe given by Noobcook who had adapted hers from Story of Bing.  It was quite easy to prepare this cheesecake but do take note that the chilling time for the cheesecake layer and the jelly layer is quite long, approximately 4 hours each.  Thus, it would be better if you can prepare the cake at least one day in advance.  My cake would not be ready on Valentine's Day itself but it was alright since hubby would be working till very late on that day.  We normally celebrate on 15 Feb, which is also our ROM Anniversary.

These are all the ingredients required:

1)  Making the Crust layer:

2)  Making the Cheese Layer:
 Add in the strawberries...  The recipe is meant to make 9 small pieces, so there are 9 half-strawberries (9 Hearts) and I thought it can be used to symbolize our 9th Year of ROM too!  :) :) :)

3)  The Jelly Layer:

The final product:
Yay!  My strawberry Jelly Cheesecake made with LOVE! 

1 comment:

ice said...

Jelly hearts made with love definitely tastes alot more delicious than jelly hearts bought from the shop! :)))