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Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!
Hope the past few days of the New Year had been smooth sailing for you so far!!  :)

How did you spend your New Year Day?  Well, for me, I went to my 3rd Aunt's place for potluck party!  They decided to host us as they had just done with renovating their house.  As usual, we had lots of food prepared by my Ah Ma (Grandma) and all the aunties.

Fiery Fish Head Curry
 Ah Ma prepared Mee Siam and Fried noodles.  At first, I thought it was bought from outside as the presentation was so nice right?

2nd Aunt attempted to make Hakka Yam Abacus Seeds. ( 算盘子)
 My cousin (vegsmoothiebunny) prepared a salad of broccoli, celery, mango etc to encourage us to eat healthy.  She had a very interesting and informative blog on healthy eating.  Do check it out!
 Shephard Pie
Prawn Roll

I prepared my "specialty dish" - Baked Portobello Mushrooms with Ham and Cheese.  Glad that my family, especially my youngest cousin liked them and requested me to bake more next time.  I bought the mushrooms from Giant supermarket near my place.  In each pack, there were six giant portobello mushrooms.  The mushrooms looked very big and so I bought only 2 packs.  However, the mushroom will shrink to about half the original size after baking.  Theses bite sized baked portobello mushrooms served as a very good snack!

The nice view that they used to have is now partially blocked by the new blocks of flats.
After this family gathering, I went over to the newly opened Bedok Mall to meet my secondary school buddies.  So happy to spend my New Year Day with my loved ones.  

How did you spend your New Year Day?


Bern said...

like u, i spent it with friends and loved ones. have a great 2014!

Miso said...

Hi Bern,

Happy 2014 to you too!!!

:) Y-Lyn