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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kungfu Paradise @ Bedok Point

TGIF!! Decided to drive out to have dinner on a Friday evening after work.  Hubby wanted to drive to Wawawa at Bedok reservoir but I thought it would be good to go on a weekend whereby we can reach there earlier to catch the beautiful sunset.  In the end, we went to Bedok Point.  I think basically Bedok Point is like a Food Mall with many restaurants, right from the 1st level.  There was a especially long queue at "Chicken Hotpot" so I suppose the food is good there?  I am not too sure as I have not tried it yet.  After going from 1st level to the top level, we decided to go down to the 1st level again as we couldn't really make up our mind what to eat.  Dilemma when you have too many choices.

We decided on Kungfu Paradise.  When we reached the restaurant, a friendly staff apologized to us saying that there was no seat available and we might have to wait 20 to 25 minutes for a seat.  As we almost wanted to walk away in disaapointment, I saw three tables of guests standing up, preparing to leave.  I pointed to the staff, telling her that there was seat available.  She politely told us to wait while she would go and clear the table.  So in the end, we still got a table at Kungfu Paradise.  :)  This was my second time here actually.
I ordered the seafood hor fun.  It was quite flavoursome and the prawns were very fresh.
Hubby had noodles with egg and sausages.  
We ended our meal with this dessert which looked really colourful.
As it is my hubby's birthday month, I told him to sign up for the Paradise loyalty card which can be used in all the 7 restaurants in the Paradise Group. 

Kungfu Paradise
Bedok Point, #01-01

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