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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lerk Thai @ White Sands [Closed]

Update@ 1 May 2012: Lerk Thai had closed its White Sands' branch. Sad :(
Currently, the "Peach Garden Restaurant" has occupied its previous premise.

It was another hectic week for both hubby and me. We were both so occupied with work during the weekdays and even on Saturday. We decided to go White Sands for dinner, which was also our excuse to go out to take a breather.  I suggested to go "Lerk Thai" as it is one of the very few restaurants in White Sands that is good.

I love the interior decor of the restaurant, giving us a sense of calmness.

 A small basket of keropok (Fish Crackers) was already placed on the table when we were brought to our seat.
Complimentary iced water is not being served here.  We ordered a jug of lemongrass drink and poured into 2 glasses.
 Green Curry with Beef
This is what I will normally order at a Thai restaurant.  We also ordered 2 plates of rice to go with the curry.  I finished up all my rice!
 Tiger Prawns in Special Thai Sauce
The Thai sauce was quite special, not those sweet chilli Thai sauce, but this one had a cheesy taste.  Nice!
 Soft Shell Crab (After 50% discount, $7)
 3-in-1 Desserts
Total bill for 2 was $55.

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Eileen. 静 said...

the desserts look good! but sinful :P decor looks nice :D