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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Buddy Hoagies @ E-Hub!

Sunday lunch with hubby at Buddy Hoagies at E-Hub!  Although this restaurant has been around for quite some time already, this was our first visit here.  I think this place is very popular with families with kids.  While we were there around noon, almost 3 tables were occupied with kids!
Root Beer Float
We topped up $3.70 for Mushroom Soup with Garlic bread and a cup of hot tea.  The mushroom soup seemed to be a bit diluted.
My order - Their signature Rosti with Sausage
Hubby ordered honey pork-ribs which comes with 2 choices of sides.  However, he ordered 2 portions of coslaw.
See!  So many kids around.... Guess they like the western food here.
The food here was quite ok but service was very very slow.  We waited for almost half an hour for our food to arrive although the restaurant was not really very crowded.  They also offer $9.90 set lunch.

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