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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Ah Ma's Bday Celebration at "The Seafood International Market & Restaurant" 国际海鲜市场及酒楼

Celebrated my Granny's Birthday at "The Seafood International Market & Restaurant" which is situated at "The Playground" @ East Coast Park.  It is not easy to miss this place, just need to look out for the "Red Lobster".
Upon entering the restaurant through the main entrance, you will see the live seafood section and there are trolleys available for you to cart your seafood.
Presenting the ala-carte buffet menu...
Quite value for money as they have more than 40 dishes to choose from and it cost less than $30 per person.
 These 12 items can only be ordered once.  The portion of food served by default, will be based on the number of people per table.  The abalone and the shark's fin soup is limited to one serving per person.  We had two tables. 
We started off with some dim sum such as the pan-fried carrot cake, Siew Mai, steam crystal prawn dumpling.

 Steamed BBQ chicken bun
Finally, came the highlight of the buffet - The mini braised abalone with oyster sauce
The abalone was really small and no knife was provided for us to slice the abalone.  Thus, we just picked it up with our chopsticks and put the whole abalone into our mouth.  Quite chewy.
 The sharkfin soup was a disappointment.  It was too starchy and I didn't enjoy this.
The rest of the "limited dishes" arrived fairly fast after that.
Crayfish, mini ones
Deep fried fish, normally will not go wrong
Steamed seabass with yellow bean sauce
Scallops with Asparagus
Fish Fillet in orange sauce
Drunken Prawns,  each of us took 1 prawn each
Crispy softshell crab
This dish was one of my favourite - Sliced Venison in black bean sauce
The meat was really tender and well flavoured
Cheese baked Scallops
Could hardly taste the scallops as they were very small but I liked the cheese "skin"
The service of the staff was very good.  They would refill our tea and clear our plates very promptly.  They were also very flexible.  After eating so many dishes, we were all full.  However, we would still like to sample some other dishes.  We were such a glutton right?  :P
  For instance, the following tofu dish, we requested to be served for 5 person instead of 10.  Even for the olive rice and the vermicelli, we requested for just 2 portions, they were also alright with it.  :)
I love to eat Tofu and this one really suited my tastebud.  I took 3 pieces out of 5!
Assorted mushroom with kailan, a bit spicy

Although we ordered quite a number of dishes, we didn't manage to try out all they offer of course.  We didn't order any of the following at all because our stomach couldn't hold them in anymore.  :P
and we only ordered 2 dishes from the following:
 Thus, there is a reason for us to come here again!  :)

The Seafood International Market & Restaurant
902 East Coast Parkway
Blk A #01-01 Playground @ Big Splash
Singapore 449874

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