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Sunday, October 11, 2009

R Burger @ Ion Orchard

Ok... this is another novelty food product brought into Singapore.  As a typical Singaporean, I would also like to have a taste of this since this is one of the food kiosks that brought in quite a lot of excitement in Ion Orchard.  Read some reviews saying that the mantou standard is not quite consistent.  Sometimes too dry, sometimes too moist.  The one that I had is just right, I think.  Quite fluffy, but the presentation was not really very good.  As it was being wrapped up, the "skin" of the mantou as you can see from the picture, was a bit moist and looked quite wrinkled.  I will advise you to consume it as soon as possible, otherwise the whole thing may turn mushy. 
Side track a bit... I have always been a fan of avocado.  When I was young, we grew our own avocado tree (or plant?) and our avocado fruit was much much bigger than the avocado that you can find in NTUC.  Nowadays, we cannot find the big fleshy avocado in Singapore.  Sort of miss those days....
Back to this R Burger kiosk.  I ordered the avocado cheese burger.  To my disappointment, the avocado in the burger was really quite mashed up as seen in the photo.  Naturally, it doesn't taste like a avocado burger.  Of course, taste is always very subjective.  Sometimes, you have to try it yourselves before you know whether you like it or not.
Just read a review from ieatishootipost, think I will also like to try the Godzilla Da Pao recommended by ieatishootipost at Elias (Near to my place), only $3.80 :)

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F&B said...

Miso, our apologies for your bad experience at R Burger. Actually we do not mash up our avocados for the burger. If you would give us the opportunity again, we will be more than happy to have u as a customer again free of charge. Just drop us an email at