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Saturday, October 10, 2009


This claypot rice may not look appealing to you in this picture but it tasted better than it looked. Although they don't use dark soy sauce (in fact, they don't provide you dark soy sauce even when you ask for it), but this claypot rice is not bland at all. It was well-favoured and very fragrant. I found it less greasy too although lard oil was used here.
Claypot with Chinese sausage, preserved meat and liver sausage ($16.80)

This claypot liver didn't fail us as well. Very generous serving and the liver was very tender.
Claypot Liver ($9)

I would definitely love to come back again to try the other types of claypot dishes :)

902 East Coast Parkway Block B

#01-11 Playground @ Big Splash
Singapore 449874
Tel. +65 6440 7975

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