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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Tamoya Udon @ Chinatown Point

I was back at Chinatown Point again the day after I had the collagen hotpot at Tsukada Nojo with my girl friends.  This time, I was back here with hubby as we wanted to book our tour package to Hokkaido.  We settled our lunch at Tamoya Udon first before we went to the travel agency.

At the shopfront, you can find a video showing the delicate udon-making process.  It was really interesting.  Do check it out if you happen to be around.  

Tamoya was established in the home of udon, Sanuki (now known as Kagawa) prefecture in 1996 by Sanuki udon champion, Tamotsu Kurokawa.  Tamoya Singapore is their first overseas outlet!  Sanuki udon is hand-crafted from Tamoya's proprietary flour mixture (made from 3 different flour) and is served with "golden dashi" broth.
Ordering system is "Self-Service" style.
First, you choose the type of udon that you want.  Then your fresh bowl of udon will be served to you almost immediately.
 After that, you can proceed to the tempura counter and choose your sides.
 They have rice balls too.
Once payment is done, you can helped yourselves to the soup and the condiments. 
Free flow of soup and tempura sauce.  Very convenient for the patrons to refill our own soup.
 There is a condiments counter and we helped ourselves to the variety of condiments that were available.

 Hubby ordered his udon with beef slices. ($11.55)
 Some sides to share amongst us.

 I only ordered Kake Udon (Udon with broth)  as I took most of the sides.  Heehee.....The udons were thick and chewy type. ($5.15)

The prices include GST and there is no Service Charge.  :)
 Love this tempura prawn.
After lunch, we went to the travel agency - CTC to book our Hokkaido tour package.  Due to hectic working schedule, we didn't really have time to plan for this trip.  Thus, we decided to take up a tour package this time round.  We will extend a few days stay at Tokyo on our own.
 We were given so many lucky draw coupons that I had yet to fill them up.
 Spotted a "bunny" car as we made our way to the carpark.

Tamoya Udon
133 New bridge road
Chinatown point SC B1#48-49

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