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Friday, April 18, 2014

Delicious Home-cooked dinner by my Ah Ma

Have not been updating the blog for a while as I was caught with a very bad flu 3 weeks ago and visited the doctor twice!  Even now, I was still bugged by a bad cough that doesn't seem to go away.  :(  For the 2 weeks when I was down with flu, my meals were mostly uninteresting porridge or noodles.  I dare not take any fried stuff.  Until last weekend, when I went to my Ah Ma's place (Grandma), she cooked so many nice dishes that finally whet up my appetite.  The dishes sort of ended my 2 weeks of suffering caused by the flu bug.

 Ah Ma was very funny, she told us that she "anyhow" cook but we all thought that this was like the "Peng Cai" that we had at Chinese New Year.  It was really a feast to the eyes.
My Favourite Prawn fritters
I only took 1 because I was still having a cough.
 More fried fritters.
 Assam Fish
 Curry Chicken

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