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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Earn Cash Rewards by just taking MRT/ LRT --- Introducing Insinc to you!

Incentives for Singapore's Commuters
Use the MRT or LRT and earn cash rewards.

Travel off-peak and increase your chance of winning.  My friend who travels on MRT to work, recently won $200 after signing up with Insinc.  How it works?  Basically, you will earn points when you use MRT or LRT, and more points will be awarded to you if you travel during off-peak season.

My workplace is very near my home so I don't travel a lot on MRT.  However, I still won $5 last month.Insinc will use the points that you accumulate to autoplay a spinning game.  If you have read this blog post and is interested to try it out (seriously no harm signing up), please click on my referrer link here:    In this way, both of us will earn additional points for the autoplay spinning game!  :)

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