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Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Simple Birthday Celebration with My Family at Jane Thai Food and BLIC @ Simpang Bedok

November is an extremely busy month for me with lots of celebration and of course, feasting.  I suggested to my family this Thai restaurant to celebrate my birthday after reading reviews from many food bloggers.   This restaurant was not very crowded on a weekend afternoon and we didn't need to wait very long for all the dishes to be served.  I DREAD long waits especially when you need to queue or wait for more than half an hour with a growling stomach just to get a seat in the restaurant.

 Hey!  This was the first time I was being served rice moulded in heart shape!  Ok... it was not because I got special treatment for my birthday, as long as you order rice, you will also get this.  :P

Deep-fried Prawn Cake (Thod Mun Thong)
Fried items like this will seldom go wrong.

 Fried Vermicelli with Seafood
 Pineapple Fried Rice
 BBQ Pork (Moo Yang)
-  Nicely marinated pork meat, goes well with the special sauce provided.
 Green Curry
 Steamed Fish

Overall, we all felt that the food at Jane Thai was not bad and of course, value-for-money.
We wanted to order dessert like red ruby or my favourite mango sticky rice,  but on the day that we went, they only served tapioca.  As such, we decided to adjourn to the ice-cream stall next door instead.


My brother had the "Durian King" in cone.
 Hubby and I shared 1 scoop of Bailey's and 1 scoop of Durian King in a cup.

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