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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First Day at Shah Alam

This was not my own holiday trip but a trip with lots of responsibilities because I had brought about 55 band  students for a 5D4N Shah Alam/ Putrajaya and KL Trip.  We stayed at Grand BlueWave Hotel for all the 4 nights.

We got a Suite Room :)  This was a pleasant surprise!!  :D

View from my hotel room window
The Blue Mosque during the day
The Blue Mosque when dusk falls
Entrance to our dining place - Semarak Cafe
We had buffet dinner at the hotel. I came with a rather low expectation but in the end, I was surprised at the range of buffet spread that they had. In fact, I was rather impressed with the quality of food served although there is no seafood like mussels, prawns or crabs that you would find in most international buffet. The kids loved the lasagne and the dessert spread.
Fried chicken will never go wrong with the kids
The lasagne was the first dish to be wiped out by the students.  Haha...

Some condiments and sauces
Dessert Bar

Mee Bandung
My colleague had a plate of Mee Bandung but she had forgotten to boil the noodles before putting in the gravy.
My first serving of my dinner.  I also took a few slices of salmon.  They were quite nicely done. 

They had ice-cream too!  I chose my favourite yam and chocolate ice-cream.


365days2play said...

Cool, wish I had more opportunities to travel when I was in school.

Miso said...

It is quite common for our kids to travel nowadays even when they are still in primary schools. But the teachers got to do lots of prep work.