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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Petit Provence @ The Central

Went shopping today at The Central. Petit Provence (A Japanese Bakery despite its French name) has a branch here, so I went to check it out as well. This one at The Central is just a very small bakery shop, unlike the one at Holland Village. I bought 2 Choco Wassant and 1 Cream Wassant for tomorrow's breakfast. Each cost 60 cents, a bit expensive for such a little small piece. They are also sold in pack of 10, costing $6 each pack. I wonder why if we buy more, still no discount? I had not tried them before but I had heard that they are so popular that if you go to the Holland Village main branch, they are always sold out.

Hmm... Feeling a bit hungry now. Not too sure whether the Wassants will be able to survive until tomorrow morning. Haha! :B

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