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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wood Restaurant @ Vivocity [Closed]

Met up with Ruijun, Shili and Lijuan at Wood Restaurant at Vivocity. Think Joyce had forgotten our appointment, tried to call her but didn't manage to get her. Hope she is ok. (Update:  She is pregnant!)

I ordered Set Menu A, which consists of a soup of the day - Carrot & Ginger Soup, A Hawaiian Pizza and a glass of sprite. Quite disappointing I should say. For $25++, I feel that the price is too steep for the small pizza. Shili ordered the same type of pizza but a la carte. Her pizza was bigger than mine.

This was what Ruijun ordered.
After dinner, Shili showed us her wedding photos. I was still not quite full and the rest decided to go elsewhere to sit down and chit chat. :( We proceed to Shin Kushiya for our desserts!

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