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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Frog Porridge

Other than Geylang Lorong 9, another place to go for frog porridge is Tampines Blk 802 food court. We ordered the frogs cooked in Kung Bao sauce. Very spicy but shiok! This cost $16 (with 2 frogs) and and additional $3 for the porridge. Mix the sauce well into your bowl of plain porridge. If you cannot take spicy stuff, you can also order the one cooked with ginger and spring onion.

I remembered there was a time when I went JB Taman Tebrau for a meal. By chance, I actually saw the hawker chopping a live frog into 2!! I was startled because everything was so fast for me to react. Do you dare to take frog meat?

Blk 802 food court

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