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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lai Huat Seafood Restaurant @ Horne Road

October birthday celebration for my Multiply friend - Eeling and her daugher, Ji Hye.  The venue chosen this time round was at a Zi Char non-airconditioned place around Lavendar area.  One of our friends frequent this place very often and she suggested coming to this place for affordable and quality Zi Char fare.  Lai Huat Seafood is famous for their Sambal Belachan Fish and this dish was featured in the media.
 Cold Combination Platter
  The fried mee sua was really very tasty and was served with generous amounts of ingredients such as prawns, pork slices and eggs.  Would highly recommend this dish!
 Fresh steamed pomfret
Sambal Belachan Pomfret
Very crispy on the outside and I think sambal belachan (shrimps paste), would go well with a bowl of rice.  However, I didn't take any rice for this meal.  Our friend ordered lots of food and I would want to save my stomach space for all the other yummy food!  Despite being deep-fried, the flesh retained its moist and not dry.
 Black Pepper Crayfish 
The meat was too dry here and it was difficult to get the flesh out from the shell.  I definitely missed the cereal crayfish that I used to have at Teman Tebrau, Johor Bahru.  However, the increasing crime rates had sort of hinder us from travelling up.
 Crispy Baby Octopus
 Fish Maw Soup with generous chunks of fish maw.
 Prawn Paste Chicken
 Home-made Tofu
Texture was soft inside but rather salty.  Some of us didn't like it and I think they also added other ingredients like squid paste into the tofu.  
 I was too full by the time this veggie dish was served so didn't even take a bite of this.  
     Coverage on media
These longevity buns were not from Lai Huat.  My friend told us that they actually outsourced the buns.  Anyway, apart from the cute unique shapes, the buns were very dry and not very nice.  Thus, not recommended to ask them to get longevity buns for you.  You can get nice ones from D'Bun at Joo Chiat. 
 Happy Birthday!!!
Overall, the food served was quite above average.  Won't mind coming back again with my family.

Lai Huat Seafood Restaurant (来发海鲜菜馆) 
Address: 72 Horne Road
Tel: 6299 3024 

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