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Friday, May 27, 2011

Tasty Taiwan @ White Sands

This was the first time I had braised large intestine mee sua in Singapore.  It is rather common in Taiwan but here, we can find mostly oyster mee sua.  This bowl of mee sua was really tasty but their business is rather bad.  Probably because of the slightly steeper price tag as compared to those from the take-away kiosk.

Braised Large Intestine Mee Sua ($4.80)

Fried chicken cutlet


Anonymous said...

I went to Taiwan tasty many family tried the Intestine Mee sum,Braised pork rise and chicken chop bento .the food are tasty and delicious.I found the price is resonable as a shop.I was still continue support them.I also introduce my friends to try

Anonymous said...

I like thier braised pork rice. so lovely coz like our TAIWAN's
miss my country