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Saturday, May 21, 2011

LENAS and Teadot @ Nex

Our first visit to NEX shopping mall even though it had been opened for a few months already.  The parking at the mall was full and we parked our car at the nearby HDB lots.
We settled at LENAS, subsidiary of Minstry of Food (MoF) for our lunch.  Not too sure what LENAS stand for?  Sounds like a female name.
Mushroom Soup

Baked Rice with Bacon and Mushroom in Cream Sauce

Pork Ribs, which took a very long time to arrive.
Price for 2 was around $60 which I thought it is rather on the high side for the types of food served.

I love Teadot's Matcha!!  Shiok!
Matcha Gravity ($5.80)
Hubby's shopping loot from NEX 
 Instructions to wear the shoes:


Jammer said...

Vibram 5-finger shoes are cool, but expensive($70-100 USD) and stinky after wearing them for awhile.

Are they popular in SG? How much are they selling in SG?


Miso said...

Stinky? Haha... This pair cost $199 Sing dollars.

Jammer said...

Wow! That's really expensive. In the US, the Bikila LS is just $100. But they sell out pretty quickly. Anyway if they begin to stink, soak them in a bucket of warm water and 1 cup of baking soda or vinegar overnight. Air dry.

You can goggle on how to wash them.